The name, emblem and logos of PAOK FC form part of the club’s intellectual property rights, they are registered. Therefore their unauthorized use is considered counterfeiting and warrants legal action against the counterfeiters and the sellers.

Products with forged or counterfeited logos, the so-called knock-offs, are the means of deceiving consumers.

When someone purchases a product with forged or counterfeited PAOK logo, they erroneously think it is authentic. They are not aware that it hasn’t gone through the appropriate quality testing and that it has been manufactured in premises that do not follow acceptable manufacturing codes of conduct. That’s why counterfeit goods can easily become faulty or even cause injury!
Wanting to protect their fans, PAOK FC are dedicated to helping fight the crime of counterfeiting. The legal department of the club collaborates with law enforcement officers, trading authorities and customs to ensure that illegal goods never make it to their planned destination.
We work with the afore-mentioned agencies to make sure that whenever such goods are spotted, the counterfeiters are arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We also rely heavily upon our loyal supporters to help us put an end to this illegal activity. It’s about protecting the brand of PAOK FC. We consider valuable any information you can provide by letting us know of any counterfeit activity you come across. It will help us deal with the phenomenon of counterfeiters who make illegal profit at the expense of our club. All information provided to the relevant department of PAOK FC will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please send all mail enquiries to or to the following address:

Brand Protection Department
Mikras Asias 1, Toumba Stadium Thessaloniki PC 54351
Tel. +30 2310 954050 Fax. +30 2310 951000